Valuation Anywhere with Live data is a fantastic dealing tool that will help you value your vehicles with more confidence and make more accurate purchasing and disposal decisions. It's easy-to-use, convenient and makes appraisals a doddle.


But don’t just take our word for it!


  • Mark Ingleby, Wessex Garages Group

"The live data on CAP is an essential tool to calculate part exchange values"


"Very user friendly and a great help in getting the most up to date values"



  • Jim Reid, Jim Reid Vehicle Sales

" 'Live' has helped us generate more business. We recouped the cost of our subscription in the first 2 deals and were into clear profit by the third"


  •  Doug Hislop, Easington Car Sales

“By using this excellent tool we can generate an additional average of £100 profit per vehicle”

“We love the ease at which you can simply enter a VRM and mileage into Valuation Anywhere and it will instantly return a mileage adjusted valuation”

“It eliminates the possibility of an incorrect vehicle value”

  • Ian Jones, Arrowebrook Motors Ltd

“VRM is the only true way you can value a vehicle and the saving of £2,500 meant that CAP’s data had more than paid for itself in the first week!”


  • Gareth Kaye, Imperial Commercials Ltd

“VRM look-up has made a massive difference to the speed and accuracy of our information”

“No commercial dealer would be without it”   

“It’s more up-to-date, more timely and easier to use, especially when you’re on the road” 

“It’s the next step, the next generation”

  • Matthew Clark, Gordon Lamb Group

“I have no hesitation in recommending CAP Valuation Anywhere to anyone in the motor trade”


“It is all very easy to use and as well as confirming a model of car and a price it lets me know many other things about the car including CO2 and road tax price”

“I use Valuation Anywhere all of the time, it is the perfect partner for me to have especially when out and about”