Effortlessly establish a vehicle’s value just by typing in its registration and mileage.

Valuation Anywhere provides used vehicle valuations within seconds, wherever you happen to be. Available via text, your PC account, tablet or smart phone. This ensures you’re valuing the right car and options pack, making it perfect for part exchanges.

  • Access 50,000 car ID’s and mileage-adjusted valuations - within seconds!
  • The ability to work on the go - on your forecourt or in the office.
  • No nasty surprises! You can search for the exact model and derivative.
  • Confidence in your valuations so that you never pay over the odds for a vehicle.
  • Logged valuations and customer details, kept for future reference.
  • A customer-facing tool, helping you build customer confidence that your values are fair.
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Black Book Live

Don’t wait for monthly book releases – get real-time valuations 365 days a year!

At CAP we understand that car prices often change fast. Getting the most up-to-date vehicle valuations is now more crucial than ever to help you maximise profits and build confidence in your business. 

CAP provides the most accurate valuations in the industry; with Black Book Live you get accurate values every day, so when the market moves you move with it.

(Please maximise to full screen to enjoy this video)

  • Operates as an add-on for CAP for Windows or Valuation Anywhere.
  • Gives you the complete picture of a vehicle’s value performance.
  • Expert commentary from the CAP editorial team explaining why a value has changed.
  • Stay ahead of your competitors who only rely on monthly book guides.
  • No more waiting to see how the market might look next month - stay in the know.
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