Valuation Anywhere

Valuation Anywhere Live is a web based service which lets you to receive real-time CAP mileage adjusted valuations via text, email or your Valuation Anywhere account on your computer or smart phone. 

So wherever you are or whatever you're doing, you'll always have the latest CAP data so you can accurately value a vehicle.

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Live data that keeps you in the know!

Valuation Anywhere features CAP Live data which tells you what cars are selling for right now – not what they were selling for the last month, when the research data was pulled together. It means that when the market moves, you move with it, ensuring that your vehicle appraisals are the most accurate they can be.

Since 60% of vehicles change value during the course of a month, this real-time data is crucial to keep you in the know and ensure that you don't lose money on your purchase or disposal desicions.

Valuations in an instant - anywhere, any time!
Simply key in the registration number and mileage of any car or van and receive an instant value. You also receive full details of the vehicle (such as VIN number, date of registration, Co2 emissions, transmission and fuel type) so your staff can quickly verify the identity of the vehicle. It’s perfect for part exchange valuations or for buyers valuing cars away from the office.

Ready-made appraisals tailored to you!

Valuation Anywhere incorporates an appraisal system that can link to your valuation. This helps provide the most accurate value of a vehicle because it takes into account all the damage on a part-ex of a vehicle of interest and automatically subtracts the cost of ‘repair’ from your value. 

You can do this at your PC or, with the use of a tablet or suitable smartphone, whilst reviewing the vehicle. Perfect when deciding on what offer you make.

Control what your staff do

You can pre-assign your own personalised refurbishment and repair costs to help you build in extra margin and ensure that only you or a selection of your team have admin rights to change them. This ensures everyone is always working off the same figures. 

Customer-facing functionality

Ideal as a part exchange tool, Valuation Anywhere allows you to look up the customers' vehicle while in front of them and show them your preselected default valuation (Clean, Average or Below).