Did you know that out of all the makes, models and derivatives available on the market today, approximately 60% see their values amended throughout the course of the month. In real terms, that means much of the stock you are looking to buy and sell will undergo a change in value that is not covered in the more traditional monthly data releases.

Black Book Live is the ONLY independent tool that keeps track of these valuation movements throughout the month, ensuring that users don't make the mistake of paying over the odds for a car or selling a car for less than they could have got.

Exclusively with Black Book Live you get:
  • Unique access to 19,000 mid-month value changes. 
  • Access to expert, independent commentary to explain why values have changed. 
  • VRM look ups through Valuation Anywhere, ensuring you're always valuing the right model and derivative. 
  • Access to historical car values through our Windows product. 
  • The benefit of 200 years of dealership experience from our editors. 
  • Clear values at 3 condition points (since 1979). 
  • Access to around 52,000 makes, models and derivatives at any one time.

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