The values that make CAP special

What do our customers, suppliers and partners think of CAP as an organisation? Which values best represent us and what we stand for? 

CAP commissioned a major piece of research recently, conducted by an independent 3rd party, to discover how CAP is already perceived by people across the industry. After scores of interviews we established six qualities that shone out above all others in defining what CAP as an organisation is all about.

These values are:

  • Collaborative - working in partnership internally and externally. It's asking for help when you need it.

  • Open - telling it like it is and not hiding a problem when it arises.

  • Ambitious - wanting to be great, not just good.

  • Passionate - not giving up on the best way, just because there might be an easier way to do things.

  • Innovative - doing new things that no one else thought of or dared to do.

  • Integrity - being truly independent and honest in all of our dealings.

These values are very special to us because - unlike many other organisations - we did not dream them up in a meeting just to make us sound good. They represent actual stakeholders' perceptions of us.

We are pleased to say that these values have now been woven into the way we appraise our own work, the performance of our people and all our dealings with customers, suppliers and automobile enthusiasts across the industry every day. 

These values have real meaning for us, and CAP people now live these values every day. They are more than just business slogans. They describe who we are, how we work and how we live. And we're very proud of them. 

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