Black Book Live campaign shows importance of real-time data

A new campaign from CAP has highlighted the staggering differences that can appear in valuations between monthly book guides and CAP's 'live' pricing.

The email campaign, sent to UK group franchise dealers, single site franchises and independent dealers, challenged sales managers and dealer principals to 'guess how much' a Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec 61 plate was worth on a specific day: Wednesday 12 December 2012.

Those dealers who soley rely on monthly guide books as their source of information would typically value it at £8,475. But as the campaign revealed, this valuation turned out to be £500 too much.

That's because the information featured in monthly guides can already be 10 days out of date by the time it is published. Only customers who use Black Book Live can access accurate daily prices and get a true reflection of what the market is doing.

The actual valuation of the Ford Focus on 12 December 2012 was revealed to be £7,975.


The message to the automotive industry is now clearer than ever: if you want accurate, real-time information at any given time during the month, Black Book Live is the only way to keep your stock management decisions up-to-date and credible.


Guess how much?

Ford Focus 

CAP December 2012 Black Book valuation:                    £8,475

CAP Black Book Live valuation on 12 December 2012:     £7,975

CAP Black Book Live valuation on 7 January 2013:          £7,750


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