CAP partners with CarCliq to link car buyers with dealers

REVOLUTIONARY car sales website and CAP, the UK’s leader in vehicle valuation, have joined forces to match car buyers with perfect deals from the best dealers.

Under the partnership, consumers get free access to CAP’s industry-renowned independent online car valuation service in return for submitting their personal details. Car dealers working with CarCliq then receive high quality leads to consumers who are known to be in the market for both new and used cars.

 The leads are of immediate value because the consumer is seriously considering purchase right now. By including the make and model the consumer is researching, the leads give dealers granular insight into the customer’s needs before they even get in touch. Dealers get leads perfectly tailored to their business, targeted by postcode, region and manufacturer.  The contact details are validated by third party systems, giving the dealer confidence that their call will be welcomed by the customer.

Consumers benefit by gaining free online access to independent industry benchmark valuation data that lets them compare car prices with confidence.  Feedback to CAP from consumers who have made previous valuation queries demonstrates overwhelmingly positive views of the service. By bringing sincere, well-informed consumers together with good dealers, both sides enter the negotiation and purchase process confident in the fairness and transparency of the opening stages. 

As well as gaining an understanding of the true value of a vehicle, consumers can also choose to upgrade their report, to gain a unique picture of forecast depreciation and overall running cost information that allows them to understand the total cost of owning a particular car.

“We are delighted to be working with such a progressive partner as CarCliq” said Ben Maguire, Head of Consumer at CAP. “We wanted a partner that understands and embraces the way digital services are changing business and CarCliq definitely do.”

“CarCliq is embracing this unique opportunity to work alongside the industry-leading supplier of car valuation data”, explains Antony Lewis, Director and Founder of “The partnership will enable us to provide an invaluable competitive edge to our dealers with meaningful leads and ultimately a satisfied customer."


 About CarCliq is the modern and interactive site that not only allows buying and selling of vehicles but gives the user the ability to research and discuss options through its forum.

CarCliq is a community for all drivers, from the enthusiast who wants to find out about the latest supercar, to the mum who wants to research which car can fit three child seats. Driven by a community of people with mutual interests who share knowledge, experience and opinions, its users empower each other, using the internet to its fullest extent to facilitate all aspects of buying, owning and selling a vehicle.

Whether you are looking for a local dealer, a service from a recommended garage, fair and unbiased advice, detailed reviews, or to buy a new or used car, CarCliq has it covered.

About CAP

CAP experts understand automotive inside out. Everything we produce is underpinned by our intelligence. From design and specification to its last day on the road, we touch every vehicle bought, sold and driven in Britain. All of this brings a unique understanding of our customers’ worlds … which is why they choose CAP to help them make smarter automotive decisions.