CAP steps out of the shadows to open the window on car trade ‘inside information’

A UNIQUE window onto ‘inside information’ from the motor trade has been opened up to motorists for the first time by CAP Automotive, the car information experts.

It signals a move by CAP to bring good motor dealers together with better-informed motorists to build trust and ultimately smooth the car-buying process for both sides.

And CAP’s expert editors – who research the car trade every day – have joined the world of social media as the business steps out of the shadows after 34 years of operating effectively behind the scenes in the UK automotive industry. They can now be found on Twitter as well as writing blogs and joining public discussions on web forums.

The unveiling of CAP’s new ‘open to all’ website at means motorists as well as trade professionals can now read honest and independent ‘first drive’ impressions by CAP’s experts and get the inside track on used car and van market trends, facts and opinions.

CAP has long been the ‘go to’ trusted source of independent insight for automotive professionals. But this is the first time CAP has opened the window to consumers on its motor trade and industry insider intelligence since the company was founded in 1979, when it launched the ‘trade-confidential’ Black Book guide to used car values.

Despite its established position as one of the industry’s ‘trade secret’ tools for doing successful business, CAP already quietly helps consumers every day. Its trusted benchmark prices for part-exchanging, selling or buying vehicles help smooth the way for well-informed negotiations between the best dealers and their customers.

Many dealers already use independent CAP valuations in the showroom as a ‘customer-facing’ tool to help win the trust of their customers and prove they are offering a fair deal.

CAP also supplies thousands of trusted benchmark valuations to consumers every month by powering the used car and van valuation services offered by leading names in the world of motoring. These range from the biggest car trade portals to the consumer campaigning charity, Which?

Trade customers will also find clear details for CAP’s range of data and tools to help professionals across motor retail, contract hire & fleet, motor finance, insurance and bespoke consultancy services. These include Black Book Live – the UK’s only independently researched real-time used car valuation system and CAP Monitor, which forecasts the future used values for every car, truck, van or motorcycle on the road today.

CAP’s Mike Hind said: “You could say we’re the biggest open secret in the trade but the time has come to step out of the shadows and share our expertise with the motorist too.

“As the best motor retail dealers become increasingly open and customer-focused they often call on us to help them build the trust of their customers with our independent information.

“Instead of the old fashioned approach of using a mysterious little book in the top drawer to value your car for part-exchange, these days they are more likely to show you the CAP value on their smartphone or computer screen.

“All of this means the time is right for us to step in and help bring dealers and motorists together.

“We are proud to have the biggest team of expert editors in the industry, researching and publishing used car values in real time and now they have taken to the world of social media it means consumers can follow them on Twitter too.

“This is a real research organisation full of interesting experts. We’re telling real stories and sharing genuine insights from the motor industry, often before anybody else gets wind of the issues we’re investigating.

 “We also have big plans to help motorists with their vehicle purchase decisions directly and development is already under way on some unique tools to help them save money on their motoring.”

The Yorkshire-based company was founded in 1979 with the launch of CAP Black Book. Since then CAP data has become the recognised benchmark for current and forecast used vehicle values across the UK automotive sector. CAP also researches and publishes millions of pieces of information used in websites and systems helping trade professionals and consumers alike. The unique ‘CAP Code’ seamlessly and intelligently links automotive information systems up and down the UK and is often described as the ‘DNA’ of the industry.


For further information contact Mike Hind, Communications Manager, CAP on 0113 222 2044 / 07710 152030

Mike Hind