Ford beats off the Germans – but only just – as the battle to woo economy conscious motorists heats up

BRITAIN’S best-loved car, the Ford Fiesta, has held on to the top place in CAP Automotive’s ‘Total Cost of Motoring’ consumer research charts.

But the latest figures released by independent car cost experts, CAP, reveal a growing number of economy-conscious motorists are investigating German cars to buy – with BMW, Volkswagen and Audi taking 6 out of the top 10 places.

Thousands of motorists, looking to save money by choosing the best car for their long-term budgets, consult the car running costs ‘bible’ CAP ‘Total Cost of Motoring’ to get unique insight into today’s car values and tomorrow’s depreciation, fuel and servicing costs.

CAP charts the enquiries at to understand the purchase intentions of up to 100,000 consumers a month who are in the market to change their car.

The latest data released by CAP reveals that the Ford Fiesta remains the car most motorists are most interested in researching the long term running costs for – mirroring its status as the most successful new car in the UK market.

The Ford Focus also continues to ride high in the charts, slipping just one place to number 4 in consumers’ ownership cost investigations.

But, aside from one new entry by Nissan – at number 3 with the diesel Qashqai – every other car in the top 10 is a BMW, Volkswagen or Audi.

CAP believes consumers now understand the impact of car depreciation better than ever before and the reputation of BMW, Volkswagen and Audi for holding their value accounts for such a high level of interest in their long-term running costs.

CAP’s Retail & Consumer expert, Philip Nothard, explains: “Our independent ‘Total Cost of Motoring’ forecasts consistently reveal that depreciation is the biggest drain on your budget over the ownership period of any car.

“German brands enjoy a reputation among motorists for holding their value and that explains why so many of the people looking at CAP’s projected ownership costs are looking into the affordability of a BMW, Volkswagen or and Audi.”




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