“The CRX VTEC’s technology was ahead of its time. Its DNA is still present in the modern day Honda”


Are you a South East dealer stocking 10 year old BMW 3 Series'? Then you might just find yourself in demand this summer.


Half way through the year it is becoming apparent that not everything in the retail car market is as rosy as the figures would suggest on the surface.


Long lead times can play havoc with part-exchange valuations. The longer the factory lead time the harder it is to put an accurate value on the vehicle being traded in. This can result in lost profit...


Discover CAP's new daily forecasting tool Black Book+12 and get accurate used cars values 0-12 months in the future


92% of motorists don’t know what a garage does to their car during it’s annual service. It's important that this process becomes more transparent to consumers.


The month of June has so far proved to be a fairly buoyant one in the used car market. Consumers are still buying and in general forecourts are busy.


Learn more about some of the key features in Valuation Anywhere with this easy-to-use guide.


Why do we often predict differing residual values for two vehicles which are essentially the same apart from the badge and cosmetic changes?


Are the days of fleet managers selecting vehicles mainly on the level of CO2 output slowly coming to an end? Although global environmental concerns remain a major driver of automotive technology,...


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