Park your time machine. There's a better way to visit the future...


Written by: Jim Ingleby

Black Book+12 is CAP’s brand new daily forecasting tool that allows retailers to accurately value used cars up to 12 months in the future.

This makes it easy to confidently price a part-exchange car against a new model with long lead times.

This isn’t just handy, it’s crucial, since many new vehicles often take more than 3 months to deliver nowadays and there is no other way of accurately predicting future market values.


How exactly can Black Book+12 benefit me?

  • Maximise profits by getting the correct valuation for a part ex
  • Get deals done on the spot and let your customers walk away happy
  • Offer transparency to your customers so they can see how their trade-in has been valued
  • Generate instantaneous forecasts, reducing time and effort spent
  • Eliminate guestimations; be confident in your part ex pricings
  • Save man hours that could otherwise be spent selling values.

What does Black Book+12 include?

  • A simple upgrade to your Valuation Anywhere subscription is all you need to get going.
  • 0-12 month forecasts show how much, and in what pattern, a vehicle will depreciate over the coming year
  • Forecasts reflect Black Book Live values, and are adjusted accordingly
  • Variations by sector and fuel type included
  • All Black Book cars, including those under 12 months and those over 5 years old, are valued
  • Editorial commentary included for forecasted months

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