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A popular figure in the automotive industry, celebrated in the Business Car Power list Top 10. An unrivalled understanding of the entire automotive manufacturing process. Providing independent and tailored advice to help automotive and related businesses identify and achieve their goals.

• Competitive vehicle positioning
• Model specification and pricing policy
• Developing and implementing strategy
• Market development
• Competitor analysis
• Facilitating new vehicle launches
• Marketing new vehicles
• Discussing and advising on new models at design stage
• Expertise and sanity checking


A career in the motor industry that started in 1972, and a CAP employee since 1988, has gained wide industry knowledge, commercial manufacturing insight and a specific focus on what consumer wants and needs are.

Expert advisor on vehicle launches, test drives, design, badging policies, engines, specification, codes, colours, new vehicle data and marketing strategy to gain the best residual value advantages.

Previous roles at CAP include dealer management, operational development, sales, Black and Red Book Editorial and new product development. Currently has a loyal social media following.

First Driving Impressions – Jaguar XF Sportbrake, International Press Launch, Edinburgh

A strange name to choose for a very British car: Sportbrake. I’ve heard of a tea, coffee or lunch break, but Sportbrake? I know they’re spelt differently and Jaguar marketers have tried to combine sportiness with the old Shooting Brake, but I’m not sure it works. Jaguar should maybe have stuck to their heritage and simply called it an Estate, and not tried to get too clever with it. However, for some countries – where the XF sells well – the name really is immaterial.

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First Driving Impressions – Mazda6

The latest Mazda6 model is all-new right from the chassis up and includes new technology. The original design of the concept car – called the Shinari – was brilliant and much of it was promised in the new Mazda6, however, like all concepts the real thing is always a watered down version and some of the interesting and exciting features tend to disappear. That said, the new Mazda6 is a huge improvement on the current model in terms of styling, quality and technology.

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First Driving Impressions – Kia Sorento, European Press Event, Barcelona

Kia are generally having a good time around the world at the moment, with sales progressing handsomely in the upward direction. So far this year, the Korean brand has sold over 33,000 cars in the UK and are on track to sell around 65,000 this year. Compare that to the number sold in 2008 – which was a total of 33,000 units – and the improvement over the last four years is blatant. In Europe, Kia sold 290,000 units last year and expect to top 345,000 this year. The company has a goal to reach over 500,000 units by 2016.

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Test Car – Skoda Superb 2.0 litre TDI Elegance

We recently had a 2009 59 plate Skoda Superb that came from Volkswagen Financial Services and had been out on lease with a customer for the last three years. It was delivered to us, immediately after it had been collected from the previous driver, and he or she had obviously treated it so well; it was immaculate throughout.

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