Can white cars continue commanding a premium?

It was fashionable in the eighties and it’s back again now - but even stronger - as more and more drivers choose white as their preferred car colour. But will this be an issue in time to come, if white becomes the new silver?

White currently accounts for around 7% of the total of cars advertised in the retail world and this can only increase. However, it is very unlikely that white will come close to any black or silver-related colour.

So, will white be worth less in the next few years, as numbers grow?

I think this is unlikely to happen, mainly because most buyers - both private and fleet - stick to the golden rule; white works best on a car of the right calibre and specification.  The latter are the real guarantees of desirability and because white cars currently tend to be generally more desirable the future looks ‘all white’ for them.  Just remember, white needs contrast, the right wheels and colour interior - no beige please. 

Cars in White that are the right specification are currently still making premiums anywhere between £500 and £1,000 purely due to being the right cars to hold the colour.  The wrong choice of car for this colour could easily bring a £1,000+ difference the other way, so choose wisely and listen to advice from those in the know.

By Tim Bearder

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