Blog - March 2013

First Driving Impressions – Mercedes-Benz CLA

It is a fact of life that lower medium saloons are not popular in the UK. For some reason we seem to prefer tailgates to boot lids on such cars and as a result virtually every mainstream manufacturer has dropped the saloon variant from their C sector range.

However, it’s another fact of life that when it comes to premium badged cars we quite like 4 doors and a boot.

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Third Driving Impressions – Vauxhall Adam

This is the third time we have driven the Adam, but this is the first time with Vauxhall badges on. The first time was an early pre-production car that was camouflaged near GM HQ in Frankfurt, the second was on the International Press launch near Lisbon, and now a right-hand drive in Stratford, London.

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