Used car sales 'slightly better' than last month

Each month CAP questions a ‘Dealer Insight Panel’ of around 100 independent used car retailers. It is part of the research for Black Book Live, CAP Automotive’s unique real time used car trade values trending tool, used by businesses across the industry. 

In the latest survey – reflecting dealer sales and sentiment during February – over half of dealers said their sales were slightly better than the previous month, whilst nearly two thirds said that sales were also slightly better than this time last year. 

Customer enquiries are reported as being either slightly better or about the same as last month, and nearly half of responders describe their current business climate as stable.

When it comes to sourcing the right cars 75% of dealers say they have no difficulties, although 61% do admit to having stock levels that are too low.


CAP Black Book Independant Dealer Insight Survey Results - February 2014