Market impressions - BCA Preston

Black Book Live editor, James Schofield, reports on the sale at BCA Preston, Wednesday August 28

I was expecting a quiet sale as it’s month end before a plate change. Sure enough, the car park had empty spaces which is not usually the case.

With only 235 cars, the highlights being 55 Arnold Clark delights, 40 KIA retail swappers and another 60 trade ins from RRG followed by a smattering of re runs from the Monday sale, there was hardly anything up for grabs. Preston usually has a Motability section on a Wednesday but there were just 5 lost souls under the half empty canopy.


There were a few independent buyers scratching round for something to bid on. Most of them looking forward to the relative normality brought on by the end of the summer holidays and a return to more consistent footfall levels, although they are generally reporting that the job is still ticking over. The cars seemed to be converting well but we are talking low end stock, some of it in very poor condition. The handful of 3-5 year old cars that were half decent were selling well above CAP clean.





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