Market impressions - West Coast Auction, Fleetwood

This month saw a new auction site for motorcycles kick off its first sale in the middle of a blizzard. Consequently a number of promised entries did not make it across the M62 and up to Fleetwood. Brian Bull, an old faithful and well known face around the industry, made his first sale a success with a well trade-supported night and everyone I spoke to was in a mood to spend for the approaching season. There were 48 entries resulting in 39 sold units (75% conversion).

The overall results, after correction for mileage and condition, were 101% of CAP Green Book figures. That means the average bike sold within £30 per of CAP.

I’m always pleased to see our research and pricing methodology working well! Of course, there are always some ‘wild cards’ and one was an NT700VA 0909 with 74k on the clock, which did £2550. Very high miles and £750 above the corrected CAP price!!!

Hayabusa on 10 plate (new shape) had probably the most interest and bidding activity and finished going into a trader for £500 “into book”. Conversations with the other interested bidders would suggest the poor performance of the model over the last year or so could have come to an end. Bit more research here and a lift for March book looks right.

125cc stuff looks in line with our figures but scooters didn’t pull up any trees.

V-Strom in both engine sizes is worth a mention, with the 650 in particular doing excellent money and backing up the dealer sentiment from the past few months. Look for a lift here in March Green Book.

Started at 6.00pm. Got home at 10.30. Luckily I didn’t start work until 8am that morning.

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