A message we should all listen to

Steve Martindale, general manager of motorcycles at Honda UK, is retiring after six years in his current role and 18 years in Honda’s UK car and motorcycle operations.  A quotation from his statement reads “the most enjoyable job I have ever had.” This is a message the rest of should print and tape to our computer screens.

We sometimes forget, especially in the difficult times we are experiencing at the moment, that the industry is a lot more fun than most and even though times are hard, there are a lot worse things we could be doing. Lots of changes in the manufacturer’s network and the industry in general have happened during Steve Martindale’s time in the role.

Will his successor continue in a similar vein or will we see a change of tack at a manufacturer that, let’s face it, is very influential in our industry normally at the forefront of new ideas and methods. That’s a space we will be watching with great interest.

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