Futuristic film cars: how technology is catching up with fiction


Written by: Matthew Freeman

"Advanced technologies are penetrating our lives in every possible way"

Few things capture our imagination like the cars of tomorrow, and over the past few decades films and TV shows have capitalised on our ongoing love affair with the automobile.

The movies have shown us glimpses of an exciting automotive future - cars that can drive themselves, cars that can talk to us, cars that use innovative powertrains, cars that can deflects bullets or even fly. Generations of popcorn-munching cinema goers have feasted on these futuristic concepts. Our imaginations have been stimulated about what one day might be possible on the roads of tomorrow.

Car makers have not been slow to grasp these opportunities. For them, this is a great chance to showcase new technologies and position themselves as trend setters and innovators. With advanced technologies penetrating our lives in every possible way, automotive manufacturers are working hard to ensure that the car remains at the forefront of these developments, which is the key to helping cars remain relevant to our future.

For an increasing number of people the dream of personal mobility is no longer enough, and so to bring to market these (supposedly) fantastic technologies within a consumer’s lifetime is a sure way of impressing future customers and building relationships.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most iconic futuristic vehicles from film and TV, and looked at how soon we’ll have to wait to see these amazing technologies on our roads, if at all. The pace of change may just be bringing celluloid dreams to life faster than even Hollywood’s finest may have thought possible...



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