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This week - Friday 3rd July

A Lego F40 / Wrench knives / Dripping with cool / Tiger art / Lexus hoverboard / Heatwave solutions

A Lego Ferrari F40 – very cool

Heatwave? This is just the job

Put a tiger in your tank

Lexus build a working hover board

Dripping with cool

These knives are a wrench

Cooling down in the heat wave

This week - Friday 26th June

Boris the Bus / Another league of extraordinary / The Incredible Hulk / A balancing act / Lorry TV

A new Boris bus?

Watch out for the ‘Flatmobile’

Something extraordinary for gentlemen

Don’t make this BMW angry

Flippin’ heck!

He never ‘saw’ this coming

Transparent tech – a good idea?

This week - Friday 19th June

How times have changed / A speedy brew / Commute nightmare / Keep them beers chilled / The golden submarine / Tyre artwork

Video games then reality now

And you think your commute is a nightmare

Tea on wheels

Hay hay just another day

Is it Starship Troopers?

A novel way to keep the beer cold

The Golden Submarine

We never tyre of this artwork

This week - Friday 12th June

Mouthy car / New Batmobile / Sat Nav O.D. / Beet this tank / Aliens on the road / God speed

This car’s all mouth

It’s the new official Batmobile!

This guy will never ever get lost

Beet this tank!

Aliens are here - and they drive on the left

God speed

This week - Friday 5th June

A fishy car / NASA discovers the all-new Sky Rover? / Scream if you want to go faster / That’s high-vis clothing / Custom bike of the year / Car or a tractor?

There’s something fishy going on here…

Land Rover’s new Sky Rover?

Like the film Speed

Pretty in pink

This one’s a shoe-in for custom bike of the year

A tractor dressed as a car, being pulled by a horse?!?

This week - Friday 29th May

Engineering 101 / Smoking hot BBQ / Interesting wacky racing / Potting pretty potholes / Wow! What a find! / Tasty… / it’s a mystery / Environmentally kind / What a load of old cobblers

Top engineering advice…

Here’s hoping for a BBQ

Wacky wheel racing…

Potting Potholes…

What a find!

Kiss this!

A magical mystery tour?

An environmentally-friendly engine

This car’s a load of old cobblers

This week - Friday 22nd May

Can it fly? / Rock ‘n’ Roll / Buzzing Motor / What priorities? / Outrageous limo / Sink hole / On the road to success… / Dodgy school run / Hedge art / Sleeping bike

Plane Car

It’s all Rock ‘n’ Roll

Buzzing Motor

Priorities eh!

Try cornering this

Ok, so you weren’t joking about that pothole…

We suggest not taking a shortcut…

“Sorry Sir I can’t get into school today”

Somebody’s hedge fund

Asleep on the job

This week - Friday 15th May

Elephant driver / Thunderbirds / Aliens attack / No room to park / we’ve heard that before / If only all road signs were truthful / Doughnuts without the screech / Two-tally crazy

If Elephants could drive cars

Thunderbirds are go

When aliens attack cars

Yes Mr Customer, we’ve heard it all before…

“I told you there was room to park”

Getting mugged off by a road sign

A risky marketing campaign

Doughnuts without the screech marks

Tow-tally crazy

Thomas the car engine

This week - Friday 8th May

Sassy Skoda / Shoes Alloy / Turtle power! / Punks and porcupines / That’s a bit weird… / Bling ain’t our thing / Gotham street cruise / Ready for the beach / Fiat’s cute beach car

Ready for the beach?

Shoes Alloy

Sassy Skoda

Turtle power!

The Mini designed for punks and porcupines

Fiat’s cute beach car

Ok, this is a bit weird…

Cruising through the streets of Gotham…

This bling ain’t our thing

Try parking this monster

This week - Friday 1st May

Busted DeLorean / Happy Camel / Wallpaper car? / Flying car / Bike car / Rocket fuel / Bumper cars / Kissy cars


Dodgy DeLorean

Cath Kidston Car

Meanwhile, on the roads of Germany…

What’s this hybrid: a car or a cike?

Here’s some fast food

This looks like buggy good fun

Camel parking – has he paid and displayed?

So pretty you could just kiss it

A mobile phone

This week - Friday 24th April:

No crash helmet needed / BMX vs supercar / Car Hat / Productive desk / Tyre garden / Snake skin style / Russian doll

An interesting safety feature- no crash helmet needed!

BMX stunt and a Lamborghini

An interesting hat

Bet you’d love one of these

A great way to brighten up your dealership

A slitheringly special skin job

Inspired by Russian dolls…

This week - Friday 17th April:

It’s a dog’s life / Volkswagen goes banana’s / Is it a car or a hoover? / How to pimp your car / Michelin man

Dogs that look out of car windows – amazing

A car pool

A dashboard cactus garden

You never know who you’ll bump into at the CV Show

Hay Up! Here’s something a bit different

Is this a large Jeep or a small man?

Is it a car? Is it a Hoover? Is it R2D2?

Awesome Van concept

VW goes Banana’s

VW fun in the sun

This week - Friday 10th April:

VW toast / Monsters Inc. Truck / Horse power / Car camping / Piggy wheels

One horse power: clean renewable energy

Think this looks good? Pigs might fly

The car slept well…

One of our favourite Easter eggs

The latest monster truck

Plain old bread? That’s toast!

This week - Friday 3rd April:

Petrol head’s dream bathroom / 1000-point turn / Beetle Bunny / Doggy drive-through / Record-breaking bike / Muscle tooth

This won’t hurt a bit…

The world’s heaviest motorbike

‘I asked for a hot dog!’

It’s nothing a thousand-point turn can’t solve

An immersive gaming experience

We’ll never tyre of these sinks

A bunny, not a Beetle

This week - Friday 27th March:

Amazing lorry art / Original Michelin Man / A TV paint-job / Porta-loo / Nice pothole!

Time for an oil change perhaps…

Amazing artwork on the back of this lorry

The original Michelin man

How cool is this?

In the days before portable devices…

This latest car accessory is a bit potty

Here’s how they deal with potholes in Puerto Rico

This week - Friday 20th March:

What’s next for Clarkson / St. Paddy’s Day / Back to the Future / Smelly Bus / Grizzly Bear / Clean Car / Pony in the boot

A new job for Clarkson?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Great Scott! These Deloreans are going Back to the Future

It’s Bristol’s new poo bus!

This passenger can’t bear it

Anyone know a good car wash?

Forget the dog; put your pony in the boot

This week - Friday 13th March:

Red Nose Day lift / Futuristic Mercedes / Lego racing track / Sailing cars / Mini train track

Give us a lift!

The Mini’s back on track

Mercedes new self-driving car. Welcome to the future…

Who thinks mini-Stig will win this Lego race?

Welcome to the future of car-boats

This week - Friday 6th March:

VW camper shed / Transformer / Turtle power! / Junk in the front / Puuurfect accessories / Yorkshire road signs / Del Boy Hazzard

VW camper shed, very nice...

Michael Bay's latest Transformer?

Turtle power!

Junk in the front: very handy

A puuurfect cat accessory

Never let a Yorkshireman do road signs

If Del Boy was in Dukes of Hazzard

This week - Friday 27th February:

Chicken run / Fiat family / A luxury Lamborghini / Jeep Bed / Really gripping tyres!

How to pick up chicks

Little and large

Lamborghini Limousine anyone?

Sleeping in a Jeep

Those tyres can really grip!

This week - Friday 20th February:

Cool lego cars / Weirdest Mini / A sweet ride / Beautiful hood / Grounded rich person

The coolest Lego cars

The weirdest Mini ever

A sweet ride!

Beautiful hood ornament

How to make a rich person more grounded

This week - Friday 13th February:

Speed dating / Car full of roses / Mercedes get glitzy / Lovebug movie night 

Speed date prank!

This makes the rest of us look bad

How's this for Valentine's Day bling a Swarovski crystal Mercedes!

An audience of Lovebugs...

This week - Friday 6th February:

Valentines / Rocket Bike / Creative tax disc / Beckham does Bond / Snowed-in

The perfect Valentines gift?


Think your ride is fast? How about
376 miles per hour!

Go Arty!

Bond's new stunt driver


If Game of Thrones did snowmen...

This week - Friday 30th January:

Fun in the snow / Elon Musk does the Simpsons / Extreme off-roading / If IKEA made cars

This crazy little car could get you in a real spin


Tesla CEO appears on the Simpsons

Smart but still difficult to park 

Get your skates on...

Flat pack cars - imagine having to put this together...

This week- Friday 23rd January: 

Pug Porsche Driver / Classic Moggy Minor / Topless Mini / Awesome Muppet helmet / Tree house

Hello Porsche!!
 - Who let the dogs out? 

What a classic! - The Moggy Minor


A topless beauty!- Look at my Mini

What a Muppet - This guy's an animal


Tree House! - or is it a Robin in a tree?

This week- Friday 16th January: 
Funny ebay ad / Tron inspired Toyota / Snow crash / An unusual transporter / Mario!


Hilarious Ebay advert from father

Check out this Tron inspired Toyota GT86

Car crashes into block of flats...

Have you ever seen a Dino upstaged by the transporter?

It's a Mario!

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