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The most popular used car buying preferences of 2015

Are you a South East dealer stocking 10 year old BMW 3 Series'? Then you might just find yourself in demand this summer.

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1970s car colours that are making a comeback

We might still call it the decade that taste forgot – but 1970s car colours are making a comeback. That’s according to the latest consumer research...

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Consumer used car buying behaviour - revealed

What are the most popular cars motorists wanted to buy last month? How much were they willing to pay? And where exactly are the UK’s car buying...

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Top 10 cars consumers want to trade in

Ford, BMW and Volkswagen have emerged top of the charts as the most popular cars looking to be traded-in by consumers last month. The results, based...

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The UK's car buying hotspots revealed

The South of England was the most popular region for motorists looking to buy used cars last month, according to latest consumer research findings...

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The most popular second hand cars that motorists want to buy

What are the most popular second hand cars that motorists are looking to buy? Latest research* shows that second hand Fords are the cars consumers w...

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Colourful used cars: should your forecourt include more pink or purple?

What was the most popular yellow car put up for sale by consumers last month? Which purple or pink cars are most commonly valued online? Some...

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The top cars motorists want you to buy

Last month more consumers created online valuations for the BMW 3 Series than for any other car, according to research collated from CAP 's Consumer...

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Pick of the Month - July

July data reveals for the second month running the Ford Fiesta is still Britain's most searched for car on cap.co.uk. Our data states that cost-...