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Is CO2 still the main factor in manufacturers' future fleet strategies?

Are the days of fleet managers selecting vehicles mainly on the level of CO2 output slowly coming to an end? Although global environmental concerns...'s picture
Globalisation and the quest for a global vehicle

Having a global car has been a constant theme in the industry, many manufacturers have tried yet few have succeeded. The competitive nature of the...'s picture
Futuristic film cars: how technology is catching up with fiction

Few things capture our imagination like the cars of tomorrow, and over the past few decades films and TV shows have capitalised on our ongoing love...'s picture
The Pace of Change

The latest automotive technologies are on the horizon. What effect will they have? We’ve had two major automotive events this month, the Detroit...'s picture
When your car becomes my car

We have a saying here at CAP: a new car is new only for a moment, but it’s a used car for a very long time. That’s something we try to impress on...'s picture
Is vehicle security still important for drivers and fleet managers?

Vehicle crime has been in decline since the 1990s. So is vehicle security still an important consideration for drivers and fleet managers, or is this...'s picture
How do seasonal, political and economic conditions affect demand for used cars?

Many things can influence the demand for second hand cars, with micro and macro factors seemingly outside of our control. So how can we challenge set...'s picture
Autonomous cars: what happens when we take our foot off the pedal?

Do you remember the world before the internet? If you wanted to find something out, you looked in a book. But first you had to find the book, so you...'s picture
Do apps really improve the resale value of cars?

Should motor manufacturers be doing more to incorporate technology for the “app” generation in order to improve the resale value of their cars? Given...'s picture
Range anxiety: how much is enough?

A question for those of you who work for OEMs: do you have enough models in your range? One of the curious features of the modern market is the...