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Green Book Editorial July 2015

New Market It’s that time of year again when the focus of the world’s road race fans turns to a little island in the Irish Sea. It is also a time...

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Motorcycles and the embrace of modern technology

Over the years in all automotive sectors – as in general life - the increasing power and reduction in the price of computing has had its affect. It...

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How are Green Book prices derived?

Questions are often asked as to how we research the information we use to report motorcycle prices in Green Book. So to clarify here is a quick...

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Dealers revved up for new motorcycle registration growth

101,277. Not just a six figure number, it’s a bit of a special number around the motorcycle industry. It’s the amount of new motorcycles registered...

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NEC Motorcycle Live: renewed optimism for next year?

Well it’s that time of year again and as we all head down to the NEC we're enthusiastically awaiting all the new offerings. As part of the industry...

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New motorcycle buying patterns: Is there an end to low stock levels?

Back in the day the fluctuations in the trade values over the year followed a reasonably predictable pattern. Just before the riding season and...

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Is PCP on bikes the best thing since sliced bread?

I was at an auction recently and speaking to a motorcycle salesman who thinks PCP is the best thing since sliced bread. Why mention this you may ask...