Dealer Survey Results

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It's not all roses in the used car market

Half way through the year it is becoming apparent that not everything in the retail car market is as rosy as the figures would suggest on the surface.'s picture
Sourcing stock - are you now going direct to the consumer?

Results show there is a large variance between those who are reliant on auctions, to those spreading their wings and sourcing stock direct from the...'s picture
Is it a typical May market for the dealer network?

In a month where we have seen two Bank Holidays and a General Election, dealers are describing the market as 'upbeat'. But what else do they think...'s picture
A positive dealer sentiment for the retail market

Generally for a post new-plate month, the overall dealer sentiment remains, in the main, positive for the retail market.'s picture
The March used car market: Dealer Survey results are in...

In a very busy and important month Dealer Survey results for March reveal the latest insight for margins, footfall, stock levels and demand...'s picture
How are dealers finding current market conditions?

Results from last month's Dealer Survey - with feedback collected from across the dealer network and various sectors of the used car market - have...