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An upbeat used car market, but is more pressure just round the corner?

The month of June has so far proved to be a fairly buoyant one in the used car market. Consumers are still buying and in general forecourts are busy.

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Is it time the hammer came down on lower prices?

Vendors are increasingly accepting less than they may have hoped for in order to move older cars on...

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Volumes increasing, what does this mean for used car prices?

Volumes increasing. Used car prices under pressure. No let-up in sight. Convertible prices are levelling out. Due to the extended break over Easter,...

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An upbeat used car market: When will the tipping point be?

As we hit mid-March we appear to be at one of those “watershed” moments for the used car market.

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Mixed signals in the used car market

The first two weeks of February have in general proved to be positive for the used car industry...

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The January used car market – What’s going on?

*The above figures show car value movements since the January monthly Black Book was published, according to the latest Black Book Live updates...

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December slow to gain much momentum after a difficult November for vendors

Following a particularly difficult November for vendors, where market prices realigned themselves after an especially strong year, December has been...

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Values forecast to be under pressure

Following on from a tough October, as reported both mid-month last time around and in November’s Black Book Editorial, this month has continued in a...

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October watershed as values drop

We certainly appear to have reached a watershed in the year for the used car market. Throughout 2014 the market has been remarkably stable, with...

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Is this the calm before the storm for used values?

At the time of writing the market is performing well; prices at auction are holding up as buyers are still actively seeking stock. As a result...