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The factors that influence residual values for vans

Why do we often predict differing residual values for two vehicles which are essentially the same apart from the badge and cosmetic changes?'s picture
Plenty of buzz at this year's busy Commercial Vehicle Show

So, the massed hordes descended onto the NEC last week for the annual Commercial Vehicle show. Massed hordes could well be a term applied to the...'s picture
Service sector growth fuels boom in new and used LCV sales

Strong growth in the UK’s economy, particularly in the service sector, is reflected by the continued demand for new light commercial vehicles, and...'s picture
The impact of extended replacement cycles on the LCV used market

Most companies will budget to replace their vehicles after a specific cycle of operation whether they are wholly owned or on some form lease/hire...'s picture
When there's no market sentiment

How does CAP set its used LCV values? With so many new LCV models launched over the past year or so and many more to come, you may have wondered how...'s picture
Does the badge on the front really matter?

So far 2014 has been a bumper year for new LCV model launches with new products from all the mainstream vehicle manufacturers including Ford, Iveco,...'s picture
Competing theories can be good for market explanations

I’m frequently asked closed questions about how the used LCV Market is performing or I’m asked to provide a written response to a statement by...