June 2014 mid monthly movements


Written by: Derren Martin

June 2014 has to date proved to be an interesting month in the used car sector. 

Volumes in the market, particularly in the auction halls, remain high, as they have been since mid-April. However, there has not been a huge overall impact on values as demand is still steady.

The month started off under some pressure but as we have progressed, what has generally been seen is a stabilisation of volumes. As each car is sold, it has been replaced in the auction hall by a dealer part-exchange or a defleeted vehicle, pretty much on a 1:1 basis. 

So what has this meant to values? There has continued to be a downward trend, but it is noticeable that this trend was less steep towards the end of the second week, so values are falling but not by as much as they have been.

SUVs continue to struggle as is normal for this time of year, whilst values of convertibles appear to have peaked, certainly in the trade arena. 

There are some vehicles which have bucked the trend, indeed the Vauxhall Insignia Diesel fell during the early days of the month but has since shown some strength and values have more than recovered. 

We have been reporting for some time that we did not expect to see much impact on demand due to the World Cup. The next couple of weeks are likely to prove testament to that.