Valuation Anywhere Help Videos


Written by: Jim Ingleby

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How to perform a quick VRM look-up in
Valuation Anywhere 
(video length 0.57)

Valuation Anywhere is the easy way to obtain vehicle valuations. By simply entering a vehicle’s registration number and mileage you’ll get an instant valuation based on CAP conditions. In addition you’ll get a useful summary page detailing cost of ownership information.


How to value a vehicle in Valuation Anywhere with no VRM (video length 1.19)

If you don’t have a VRM, or if you’ve run out of credits, Valuation Anywhere lets you perform manual look-ups so you can still obtain valuations. This is done by entering a vehicle’s CAP ID number, or else filling in the relevant information from pre-defined drop-down boxes.


How to create a vehicle appraisal in
Valuation Anywhere 
(video length 1.21)

Valuation Anywhere has the ability to adjust a valuation based on a vehicle’s appraisal. If you have administration rights then it is easy to add new appraisal items or amend existing ones, factoring in options that could affect the value of a vehicle. Valuations will automatically update on screen accordingly.


How to search for a vehicle that you’ve already valued in Valuation Anywhere 
(video length 0.25)

Vehicles that you’ve already valued will be stored as a list in Valuation Anywhere. You can search for these vehicles individually at a later date very easily. Use the search box to perform a simple VRM look up and Valuation Anywhere will instantly find the one you’re looking for.


How to export PDFs from
Valuation Anywhere 
(video length 0.35)

Creating a PDF report of your vehicle is easy to do in Valuation Anywhere. But perhaps you only want to show your customer certain elements of the vehicle or appraisal? To do this simply select only the items you wish to include in your PDF export using Valuation Anywhere’s easy-to-use tickbox list. PDFs can then be printed or emailed.


How to copy, update or create new valuations in Valuation Anywhere
(video length 0.40)

If you look up a vehicle that has already been valued, Valuation Anywhere will flag this up and give you the option to copy it, update it or create a new valuation based on it. The original valuation will still remain, and you’ll be able to see who valued the vehicle previously and when this valuation took place, as well as being able to access its full details.


How to run an audit within
Valuation Anywhere 
(video length 0.46)

With administration rights Valuation Anywhere enables you to run a report based on valuations and users within your account. You can access information on active and inactive users, within time periods of your choosing, as well as seeing how many VRM look-ups remain in your current package.


How to get a valuation using the SMS text service in Valuation Anywhere 
(video length 0.28)

You can now receive vehicle valuations on your phone. Simply send a text to 80011 with the registration number and mileage of the car you wish to value. You’ll receive an instant text valuation back to your phone, which will also be stored in your Valuation Anywhere account.


How to update the value of a car using
Valuation Anywhere 
(video length 0.20) 

It’s easy to update values in Valuation Anywhere and access the latest information available. Find out how with this 20 second video.


How to access vehicle options and
add-ons in Valuation Anywhere 
(video length 0.37)

As part of the appraisal process Valuation Anywhere also lets you view standard items and optional add-ons at the time of order. You can use the tick box system to select which items you wish to show your customers without affecting the valuation of the vehicle.


How to perform bulk import and exports in
Valuation Anywhere 
(video length 1.38)

With Valuation Anywhere you have the ability to import a list of vehicles that you want to obtain values for. You can choose the location and route that you wish to import. Similarly, you can export bulk files from Valuation Anywhere showing the valuations that you want, which can then be opened as a CSV spreadsheet.


How to view Black Book Plus within
Valuation Anywhere 
(video length 0.48)

If your Valuation Anywhere subscription includes Black Book Plus then in addition to monthly valuations you will also be able to access short term forecasts for the next 3 months. These include the latest editorial commentaries which explain why certain valuation movements are expected. You can also view a historical graphs. 


How to view Black Book Live within
Valuation Anywhere 
(video length 0.29)

If your Valuation Anywhere subscription includes Black Book Live then in addition to monthly valuations you will also be able to access the very latest valuations based on CAP’s live data. These include the latest editorial commentaries which explain why certain valuation movements occur. You can also view a historical graphs.


How to request a password reminder in
Valuation Anywhere 
(video length 0.31)

Forgotten your Valuation Anywhere password? Here are some quick instructions on how to retrieve it.


How to add and remove users to
Valuation Anywhere 
(video length 1.24)

Valuation Anywhere allows you to manage multiple users via the ‘Admin and Maintain Users’ menu. Learn how to update existing user permissions, add and remove users and change passwords as required.


How to add locations to users in
Valuation Anywhere
(video length 1.19)

If your subscription has multiple users then it’s easy to assign individuals to different locations. This helps you differentiate groups of users and valuations, for example showroom users, back office users, regional offices and franchise names.


How to add Valuation Anywhere as a shortcut to your home screen (iPhone) 
(video length 0.31)

Need to add Valuation Anywhere to your iPhone?This short video explains how to add a shortcut to your home screen.