The UK's car buying hotspots revealed


Written by: Olivia Sykes

The South of England was the most popular region for motorists looking to buy used cars last month, according to latest consumer research findings. 

The South East and South West of England, together accounting for 27% of all online enquiries, was the definitive hotspot for motorists using online valuations to price up second hand cars.

The North West of England and Scotland also ranked highly throughout November. 

At the other end of the scale less than 2% of online enquiries came from buyers in Northern Ireland and under 5% came from Wales, heralding these area as the least popular with consumers looking to buy second hand cars. 

The research, collated from CAP's consumer website, shows 'where' potential buyers are looking to source their next car based on online search preferences.

*The heatmap above shows hottest areas in red, coldest in blue*