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Want CAP valuations on your iPhone?

Learn more about using CAP valuations on your iPhone with this quick-to-view help video.

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PODCAST: So what's the big problem with electric vans?

Tim Cattlin and Ken Brown discuss the increase in light commercial vehicle registrations and the problems of electric vehicles gaining trust.

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PODCAST: Is the used bike market getting stronger?

CAP Green Book editor Alan Elsworth discusses the current strong market for used motorcycles with CAP's Mike Hind. Length: 15.50

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PODCAST: Will Hyundai's design-led ethos deliver 'new premium' status?

Annie Milner, of CAP Consulting at CAP Automotive, discusses the aspirations of Hyundai to become a design-led brand and occupy the 'new premium'...

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PODCAST: Is the used car market due an Easter shock?

Derren Martin, Senior Editor of Black Book Live, wonders if the used car market is due an Easter shock. Length: 9.58

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PODCAST: A round-up of the current motorcycle market

CAP's Green Book editor Alan Elsworth discusses the current motorcycle market. Length: 15.42

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PODCAST: Will 'Generation Y' put an end to car ownership?

Matt Freeman, of CAP Consulting, describes the attitude to car ownership of 'Generation Y' - and what he thinks it means for car manufacturers and...

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Tweets of the Week

This week - Friday 13th February: Speed dating / Car full of roses / Mercedes get glitzy / Lovebug movie night Speed date prank! Female stunt driver...

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PODCAST: PCP penetration into the used car market - the rapid rise of the latest car financing phenomenon

Robert Hester, Editor of CAP's Black Book Plus, talks about PCP penetration in the used car market and the rapid rise of this latest car financing...

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PODCAST: Progress toward acceptance of autonomous vehicles in the UK

Matt Freeman, of CAP Consulting, discusses the progress toward acceptance of autonomous vehicles in the UK. Length: 28.14