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Olivia Sykes

Delivering quality B2B content through the CAP Extras programme to help our customers make smarter automotive decisions.

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Philip Nothard

Philip Nothard joined CAP in 2010 as its retail and consumer price editor, analysing pricing data and interpreting strategic market trends. In his role, he is able to apply two decades of experience...

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Rachel Limbert

Whilst primarily a Black Book Editor, Rachel is also the Editor of CAP’s Grey Book, the only independent trade guide for used grey imports. Her role involves gathering used vehicle market...

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Rob Smith

Rob is the HGV Editor for CAP‘s Red Book. With almost 30 years of industry experience including residual value setting and managing vehicle disposals for some of the biggest names in truck fleets, he...

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Sam Bisby

As a Digital Marketing Executive, Sam primarily works to increase Stoneacre’s online visibility on the likes of Google and other search engines, as well as managing the group’s social media channels...

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Scott Chandler

Scott is CAP's insurance expert and manages our insurance advisory services. He delivers consumer values support that include consumer policy and quotation creation, analysis of policy risk and...

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Shaun Harris

Shaun is Codeweavers' Sales Director and runs the Sales and Marketing team. At Codeweavers his main focus is to increase dealer and finance lenders' profits and refine their business...

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Tim Bearder

Tim is one of the Editors of CAP’s Black Book, which includes Black Book Live. He works to ensure that all used values accurately reflect the current market, regularly attending vehicle auctions and...

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Tim Cattlin

Tim is the Editor for CAP Monitor, forecasting future residual values of Light and Heavy Commercial Vehicles. He works to manage customer risk and facilitate intelligent stock management by...