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Why is 8pm to 10pm becoming increasingly crucial?

Why is 8pm to 10pm becoming increasingly crucial? Find out the answer and more with the latest infographic about the emerging trends of consumer...'s picture
Dealers and lenders prepare for a new era of regulation

This year looks to be a big 12 months in the motor industry, with the FCA entering its first full year as main regulator when it comes to car...'s picture
Balancing the needs of the consumer and the dealer

> Our latest guest blogger was inspired by recent events to talk about the importance of quality data for everyone involved in a car transaction...

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Government to increase HGV speed limits

The government is currently processing new laws for England and Wales that will see the maximum national speed limits applicable to HGVs over 7.5...

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Top tips to make better online videos

Codeweavers have partnered with Big Table TV's video production team to provide you with best practice tips for online video. Clear Message Your...'s picture
New car customisations: Financial headache or golden opportunity?

The bowlers among you will know that you’re probably never going to bowl a perfect game with odds of 11,500 to one. It’s also doubtful you’ll find a...'s picture
Effective lead management in the digital age

In this highly connected digital age, there are more ways than ever for car buyers to become a ‘lead’ and the undeniable fact is that this has been...

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If you do anything new in your dealership this year, make it one of these ideas

The new year is a time of change and of growth, and this shouldn’t just be the realm of gym-goers and salad eaters. Instead we should all take the...

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The year ahead

As dealers become FCA authorised, this year we expect to see an impact of what we must recognise as being a confident, emboldened regulator as a...'s picture
Top 5 tips for greater car-buying profits

Car market trends and going with the seasons can often be the most challenging elements for used car dealers when considering what stock to buy...